The project

Klarafestival is joining forces with SOS Children’s Villages, Fedasil, Red Cross, Minor Ndako, the DKO and Flagey to create a worthwhile, structural project for the great number of young refugees in Belgium.


There are currently about 4000 young refugees in Belgium. They are staying at a number of shelters as well as at facilities provided by local and/or private initiatives. They receive support in terms of basic needs (BBB or Bed-Bath-Bread) and schooling. Apart from that, they depend on the shelter and what is organised there in terms of leisure activities and the like.


Because we, as a cultural organisation, are convinced that participating in art and culture is also a basic need and right, Klarafestival, in collaboration with SOS Children’s Villages, has devised a structured project carried by the aforementioned organisations.


In the 2017-2018 academic year, youngsters between the ages of 8 and 25 in Belgium will be given the chance to learn a musical instrument or to continue learning the one they had already started in their country of origin. To that end, they will attend a music academy near the shelter where they are staying. The project sessions are held outside the shelter to support the general integration and inclusion of young people in their immediate surroundings. A large lead-up will provide many low-threshold activities inside and outside the shelter with a focus on music which will make them feel increasingly at ease with the project and make the transition to registering at the music school easier.


All partners use their own expertise to offer support for the full period to make the project a success!


Would you like to have more information about the project?
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