Are there young refugees who would like to play and learn music? Introduce them to The Sound of Home for a musical activity that allows them to get in touch with people their own age!
Your enthusiasm and concerted effort is vital! We would like to set to work with you and the music academy in the vicinity of your centre to get as many youngsters as possible to play music.

For whom?

Children and youngsters between the ages of 8 and 25 in Belgium (also when they are not staying at a centre but are part of an independent assisted living programme).


The minimum age is 8 (or those who will be turning 8 during the school year); or enrolled in the third year of primary school.
The maximum age is 25 (exceptions may be made for young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 years who are interested. In such cases, please contact


Subscriptions for the first edition of Sound Of Home (school year 17-18) have been completed.


All musical instruments offered at the music school in question (including voice!) are possible.
However, we are open to each individual story. If a youngster was already learning a certain instrument in the country of origin, one which is not taught at the music school in question, we will consult with the music school about whether the youngster can continue studying this instrument with one of the teachers.


The Sound of Home pays the registration fees and the costs of renting the instrument! The youngsters or the reception centre therefore do not have to pay when registering at the music academy.

Registration procedure

If one or more candidates want to register at a nearby music academy, please follow the procedure below:
→ contact Klarafestival at or on 02 548 95 95
Include the following information of the candidates: identity details, first name, last name, date of birth, instrument (optional; a choice can be made later at the music school) and the music school of choice.
→ Klarafestival will contact the selected music school to explain the project. This way, the youngsters or the centre don’t have to advance the registration fee. The music school invoices The Sound of Home directly.
→ The Sound of Home pays the registration fee and the rent for the instrument.
→ Klarafestival will then give the centre the go-ahead to register the youngster(s) at the specified music school under supervision of the centre.
The project only has limited financial means and can thus provide music lessons for only 200 youngsters!


What music school can we go to to register?
To every music school that is part of the Deeltijds Kunstonderwijs (part-time art education) network in Belgium. Small music schools that are not part of the official network may still be viable options, but please contact Klarafestival:
Considering the fact that new people keep arriving at the centres throughout the year, the registration period (June to September) is rather limiting for this target group. Can they still register outside of this period?
Most music schools familiar with the project are well aware of the situation of the UAMRs. These schools show more flexibility for registering this target group. The Sound of Home is committed to convincing all music schools to provide flexible registration for this target group.
Is The Sound of Home only a one-year project or will it continue for several years?
At the moment, The Sound of Home only has a budget for the 2017-2018 school year. Depending on interest and available means, the project will be continued in subsequent school years.
Do we have to wait for The Sound of Home to make the initial contact with the music schools or can we as a reception centre make the first contact and then involve The Sound of Home for follow-up?
The centres/supervisors don’t necessarily have to wait for The Sound of Home to contact the academy nearby. The Sound of Home does, however, have to be involved before any candidates are effectively registered!
Why a maximum of 200 youngsters?
At the moment, The Sound of Home only has sufficient means to pay for the registration and rent for an instrument for a maximum of 200 youngsters.


Please contact Klarafestival / 02 548 95 95

Contact the person in charge of one of the organisations:

Tom Moons


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Erik Van Vugt


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Gaëlle Berthelot


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Lin Vanwayenbergh


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Semma Groenendijk


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