As a music academy are you already convinced that participation in art and culture is also a basic need and right? Then get involved in The Sound of Home! The important role played by music academies in the social fabric puts your school in an excellent position for a smoother integration process for young refugees

Age participants?

The minimum age is 8(or will be turning 8 during the school year) or registered in the third year of primary school. The maximum age is 25.


Subscriptions for the first edition of Sound Of Home (school year 17-18) have been completed.

Registration fees?

The Sound of Home will pay the registration fees and the costs for renting the instrument for these youngsters! So, please have your academy send an invoice to Klarafestival:

How can you as music academy take part in the project?

Simple! Welcome these young folks with open arms and listen to their stories.
→ A reception centre will contact you
If one or more young people want to register for The Sound of Home, the reception centre will pass this on to Klarafestival. The festival will then contact the music academy to make clear arrangements and sort out the registration.
→ You want to take the step with a reception centre in the neighbourhood
Please feel free to contact the reception centre in your neighbourhood! On the website, you’ll be able to find out where these can be found. This first step taken by the music school is an important motivator for the young people!
If one or more young people would like to register for The Sound of Home, the reception centre will contact the project coordinator at Klarafestival, who will then contact your music academy.


→ When they register, these young people DO NOT have to pay anything! The music academy should send an invoice to the attention of Klarafestival: The information about the young people concerned should be included.
→ Listen to each of the young people’s stories. What knowledge do they have of music? Do they already play an instrument?
→ Be flexible. Young refugees arrive in Belgium throughout the year. Thus we’d like to ask you to make registration possible for them outside your specified periods.


The project has limited financial means and can thus provide music lessons for only 200 youngsters!

Contact Klarafestival! / 02 548 95 95