Who can apply?

You can apply for The Sound of Home if:

  • you are between 6 and 26 years of age;
  • you have been in Belgium for no longer than 2 years;
  • you have entered a Belgian asylum procedure, you have a refugee status or a subsidiary protection status.

Music lessons in five steps!

Choose a music school in your neighbourhood!
Which instrument suits you best?
Singing is also an option!*
Apply on our website
We will contact your music school.
Make an appointment with your music school, get acquainted with your music teacher and enrol.
The Sound of Home refunds one year’s tuition fee, the cost of renting an instrument and your teaching material.
Start your lessons in September!

*Not able to choose? Open days are helpful to get acquainted with different music instruments! The Sound of Home can also give you some advice, after you have applied on the website.

Application form

Note: this is an application for financial assistance. You still have to make an appointment with your music school and to enrol. Applying by using this form is required if you want financial assistance from The Sound of Home.
format: dd/mm/yy
Please make clear whether you are staying at a reception centre or at a private address.
asylum procedure/refugee status/subsidiary protection status/...
format: +32 0000 00 00 00
format: +32 0000 00 00 00