Signing up

Who’s eligible?

Anyone between the ages of 8 and 25 years who has started the asylum procedure and is entitled to material support or has been recognised as a refugee for a maximum of 1 year.*
* his condition applies to young people who participated in the first edition of The Sound Of Home. The Sound Of Home wants to encourage these past students to continue with their music lessons. If they are given a residency permit during the school year, they will still be eligible for the Sound of Home’s financial assistance for as long as the project continues to run.

From signing up to the first music lesson

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We will then reach out to your local music school, and let you know when you can make an appointment.
Go to your music school to choose an instrument and meet your music teacher.
Go to your music school’s open door day and enroll.
You’ll find the list of dates here.
The Sound Of Home will pay the music school directly for the costs of the enrolment fees, your instrument and the course materials.
And on September 1 you can start!

Application form

Note: this is an application for financial assistance for enrolment signing up at The Sound Of Home does not mean you are enrolled at the school. You still have to enrol in person at the music school concerned. Applying using this form is required if you want financial assistance from The Sound of Home.
Please make it clear whether you are staying at a refugee centre or at a private address.
+32 0000 00 00 00
+32 0000 00 00 00

We’ll reach out to your local school.