I’m over 26 years old and I would like to take music lessons. Is this possible?

The Sound of Home’s financial assistance is only for young people between 6 year (not 5 anymore on the 31st of December 2019) and 26 year (not 27 yet on the 31st of December 2019).

I don’t live in Belgium. Can I apply?

No, The Sound of Home is only intended for young people undergoing a Belgian asylum procedure, young people with a Belgian refugee status or young people with a Belgian subsidiary protection status.

I don’t reside in a reception centre. Can I apply?

Yes, if you don’t reside in a reception centre, you can also apply for The Sound of Home.

I am already taking music lessons without financial assistance. Can I apply?

Yes, all young people living in Belgium for no more than two years and undergoing an asylum procedure, having a refugee status or a subsidiary protection status can apply.

I take part in The Sound of Home, but will be moving soon. What do I have to do?

Contact your music school and The Sound of Home (sound@klarafestival.be) as soon as possible. If you want to, we will be pleased to look for a new music school in the area you will be moving to. We only have to check if it is still possible to enrol in the new music school.

I would like to participate in The Sound of Home but the lessons started months ago. Can I still drop in?

The music school will decide this. We are happy to help you contacting the music school. Please write us an e-mail (sound@klarafestival.be).

I have no previous musical experience. Can I apply?

Of course, you don’t need to have any previous musical experience.

Do I have to study music theory? Can I enrol without taking music theory?

Most music schools are obligated to give – in addition to instrument or singing lessons – music theory lessons. You should certainly discuss this when enrolling at the music school.

I want to play a certain instrument but I don’t have one and the music school doesn't have one either. What do I do?

Contact us (sound@klarafestival.be) and we will look for a solution.

Is taking singing lessons also possible?

Of course! You can take singing lessons in all music schools.

How do I find my music teacher?

Every music school has open days. On this occasion, you can meet the music teachers. If you enrol, the music school will tell you which music teachers are an option and when you can meet them.

Is it also possible to apply to a private music school?

Yes. However, tuition fees of private music school can be slightly higher. If this is the case, either the private music school has to offer a discount or the additional costs must be paid by the reception centre, parent or guardian. The Sound of Home has based its calculations on tuition fees asked by the DKO (Deeltijds Kunstonderwijs) and ESAHR (Enseignement secondaire artistique à horaire réduit).

I took part in The Sound of Home in 2017/18 or/and in 2018/19. Can I apply for next year as well?

Absolutely! We encourage students to continue their studies at the music school. Even if they don’t meet the conditions anymore.

How do I get to the music school and back?

Your parent, guardian or supervisor will look for the best way to get to your music school and back.

I can’t get to music lessons with public transport. What do I do?

Ask the music school if there are other students who live next to the place where you reside. Carpooling is maybe an option!

Until when can I enrol?

Most music schools have an enrollment period from June to September. Until September 23rd you can enrol for the coming year. Applying for The Sound of Home is possible at any time, but if you apply after September 23rd, we can’t guarantee you music lessons for the coming year.