I’m over 25 years old and would also like to take music lessons

The project is intended exclusively for young people between the ages of 8 (anyone who has not turned 9 by 31 December of the school year in progress) and 25 (anyone who has not turned 26 by 31 December of the school year in progress).

I don’t live in Belgium. Can I apply?

No, the project is intended exclusively for young people in Belgium who are either going through the asylum procedure and are entitled to material support or have been recognised as a refugee for at least 1 year.

I don’t live in a refugee centre. Can I apply?

Yes, even if you don’t live in a refugee centre, you may apply
for The Sound Of Home.

I am already following music lessons without assistance. Can I apply, too?

Yes, all young people between the ages of 8 and 25 in Belgium who are going through an asylum procedure and have a right to material support or have been recognised as a refugee for at least 1 year.

I’m taking part in The Sound of Home, but will be moving shortly. What do I need to do?

If you are moving, then you should, as soon as possible, let the music school where you are enrolled know and send an email to The Sound of Home at sound@klarafestival.be. If you want, we will be pleased to look for a new music school in the area to which you’ll be moving, on condition that it is still possible to enrol in the new music school.

I’d like to participate in The Sound of Home but the school year started a few months ago. Can I still start?

Whether you can still start the classes depends on the music school itself. We’re certainly happy to help you contact the music school concerned. Please contact sound@klarafestival.be.

I have no previous musical experience. Can I apply?

Sure, you don’t need any previous musical experience.

Do I have to study music theory? Can I enrol without taking music theory?

Most music schools are obligated to give – in addition to instrument lessons – music theory lessons. You should certainly ask about this when enrolling at the music school.

I want to play guitar but I don’t have one and the music school doesn’t rent guitars either. What do I do?

You can borrow one through The Sound of Home. Please get in touch by email to sound@klarafestival.be.

I play piano but the music school doesn’t rent one

We will look for a piano to borrow for your refugee centre or – if you are living independently – for your home.

Does “voice” also count as an instrument?

Yes! You can enrol at a music school to take singing lessons.

How do I find my music teacher?

When you enrol at the music school, you’ll be given the chance to meet your music teacher.

Is it also possible to apply to a private music school?

Yes, but on condition that The Sound Of Home has approved the private music school in question. In addition, we handle the enrolment fee per age of the DKO, and this also applies to private music schools. If the cost is higher at a private music school then either the refugee centre will pay the extra cost or the music school will offer a discount.

The Sound Of Home be offered in the 2019–2020 school year?

This is a decision that is made on an annual basis and depends on what support is found for the project.

I took part in The Sound Of Home in the 2017-2018 school year. Can I apply for a second year?

Absolutely! We encourage students to continue their studies at the music school. Even young people who have been given the green light during their asylum procedure can still apply for financial assistance from The Sound Of Home.

How do I get to and from the music school?

You and your companion or guardian will look for the best way to get to and from the music school.

I can’t get to music lessons with public transport. What do I do?

Ask the music school or other children in the area who go to lessons at the same time, maybe they or their parents can take you there and bring you back.

Until when can I enrol?

The enrolment period of music schools depends on the schools themselves. Most have enrolment periods from June to September. Signing up with The Sound Of Home is possible year round but we can’t guarantee a place in a music school.